Geekfault disponible en IPv6

IPv6 - Spread the loveBonjour.

Peut être l’avez vous remarqué ? Geekfault est désormais accessible totalement en IPv6 ! Sa superbe IPv6 2001:758:1664::42 en fait frémir plus d’un :)

Nous prévoyons d’ailleurs, avec LeCoyote (nouveau contributeur Geekfault), de vous parler en long et en large de ce protocole qu’internet sera bien obligé d’adopter d’ici quelques années.


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    A few years ago I’d have to pay someone for this information.

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    Ich kenne diese Kekse und ich liiiiebe sie. Da wird man gern zum Krümelmonster. Ich beneide dich, dass du an diesem Bahlsen-Test teilnehmen konntest. LECKER!

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    Before you begin downloading the SDK, make sure to read the README document available on the Apache Flex website. This outlines a few gotchas you will run into when first working with the SDK. A lot of these have to do with some components that Adobe was unable to donate to the project (so we had to put in place a few workarounds). A great blog post that details the steps to using this first release is at :

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    Those are Bear Bryant, Crimson Tide lamp shades of the first degree!You Alabama blogging friends will all be going CRAZY over those.You DO have Alabama blogging friends, don't you?

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